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MAGNET CAPITAL believes in talent

A smart and dynamic ecosystem that connects students, recent graduates, startups and mentors in a network that aims at professional growth.


The percentage of startups
that fail in 4 years


The unemployment rate of young people and graduates with educational qualifications

Two different problems, one solution: Magnet Capital.

About us

Magnet Capital: Business accelerator

Startups, especially in the early stage phase, need access to funds, professional skills and strategic figures to help them grow.

At the same time, students and recent graduates need concrete experience and reference figures who help them in a practical application of theoretical knowledge, for personal and professional growth.





Members on board



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What we do

People are our Mission

At Magnet Capital, the core on which we base our identity and our work is human capital. Our people are the greatest assets we have and together, in a functional and creative ecosystem, we are able to offer our partners customized and top quality financial solutions.

Meet the Founders

Primo piano di Roberto Tomei, fondatore di Magnet Capital.

Roberto Tomei

Magnet Capital Founder

Primo piano di Zahir Khan, fondatore di Magnet Capital

Zahir Khan

Magnet Capital Founder

Entrepreneur, founder of Ginevra Consulting (consulting firm for companies in the Made in Italy sector), as well as professor in the most prestigious Italian universities, Roberto Tomei generates value for companies by sharing the know-how acquired in more than thirty years of activity in the fields of economics, business management and consultancy.

Entrepreneur and strategic consultant, Zahir Khan completed his economic-financial studies at LUISS and the London School of Economics in order to ensure the development, growth and innovation of companies, with attention to ethical aspects, sustainability and value generation.

Your startup is in good hands

Discover our services

Magnet Capital is committed to providing financial and strategic advice to startups through a synergistic work between its various teams.

Market & industry research

We will provide you with information about topics such as market growth, customer segmentation and competitive outlook.

We will offer thus a customized overview of the investment flows within the research domain and the availability of funding and growth capital.

Strategic documentation

We provide you with the strategic, economic, financial and operational documentation needed to your company's growth.

Business Plan & Pitch

We carry out market research and design the business model with the related economic and financial projections.

In this way, we can best present your startup to potential investors and maximize the success of the initiative.

Economics & financial modeling

We carry out activities such as business planning, economics forecasting and financial management in order to give you precious advices on how to reach optimal financial and operational efficiency.

In this way, you will be able to increase your level of credibility in front of your investors.

Due diligence

We conduct thorough researches in order to assess and mitigate all of the possibile operative, financial and economic risks.

We also give you advices on how to meet managerial accounting standards and good practices.

Valuations & fairness opinions

We offer pre-money valuation services deploying algorythms and data-driven methods in order to understand strenghts and weaknesses of your company.

We give you thus a clear picture of its financial value and let you conduct the fundraising opearations more easily and efficiently.

Support to subsidized financing

We help you find the most suitable tender notice to meet your company's growth objectives.

In this way, we facilitate access to subsidized credit and support you in every aspect of the process.


We promote your fundraising operations and the equity sale, boosting your company's growth and looking after the relationship between you and your investors.

Some of the startups we have already supported

Are you a startup in early stage?

Contact us to share your journey with us and ask for our support to develop your business!


Our method

The Magnet Capital model

The Magnet Capital ecosystem relies on students and young professionals organized into specialized teams: thanks to the skills they acquire through mentors already operating in sectors such as Consulting, Capital Markets, Legal, Business Development and Communication, our team members are able to deliver valuable contribution to the project, focusing on their personal and professional growth and on cultivating their talents.


Magnet Capital offers a complete package of services in the economic-financial area: from market research, to evaluations, to research and management of investor relations.


Magnet Capital intends to develop the documentation aimed at the development and scale-up of your startup: from the business plan to the setup and achivement metrics for the necessary growth objectives.


Support and care of legal documentation in the different phases of development of both the startup and Magnet Capital.


Implementation of communication strategies and development of researches and strategies functional to the growth of Magnet Capital.

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Why join Magnet Capital

Investing in talent is what has led us to exist and to do so successfully from day one. Our model is based on the value of people and aims to be rewarding in terms of personal and professional growth, in the perspective of a healthy sharing of values.

Remote working

Collaborate with colleagues comfortably wherever you are and choose the work tools that best suit your needs.


Enrich your know-how thanks to calls with the mentor dedicated to your team and the guidance of your team leader.


We concretely value the contribution of those who work to their fullest potential, allowing for a path of role evolution within the team.

Constant challenges

Measure your skills by always facing new scenarios and organizing your work with other team members.

Continuous training

Our method is based on learning-by-doing: each task is aimed at increasing your hard and soft skills.


You will have the opportunity to get in touch with other young professionals, compare yourself with members of other teams, and increase your know-how accompanied by mentors and industry experts.

Are you a young student or a graduate?

If your are looking for a chance to prove yourself, contact us and join one of our teams!


Do you have questions?

(maybe) We have already the answers

For Startuppers

What types of startups can apply for an evaluation?

We mainly address startups in the early-stage phase, but in special cases we evaluate collaborations with startups in the pre-seed phase with high growth potential and only for specific markets.

Do I need to be incubated or accelerated to apply?

It is not necessary, but if it is part of an acceleration or growth path it is certainly good for the startup.

Is there a specific business model that you deal with?

We don't work solely and exclusively with a unic kind of business; however we reserve the right to select startups whose growth, sustainability and scalability are in line with market numbers and with high-potential business models.

Do I need to have an already established team?

It is critical. We only select startups whose team responds to specific characteristics and is fully dedicated and ready to face the many challenges that await it.

Do we need to submit growth metrics in order to access the selection?

Not necessarily. However, apart from exceptional cases, the early-stage phase with which we work requires an MVP/Product already on the market and with the related evolving metrics.

Is it necessary to have already and independently raised some capital to access your services?

It's not mandatory. One of our services is precisely that of supporting startups in the capital raising phase.

Can I participate with a startup that has not yet been established?

Only in exceptional cases we evaluate collaborations with startups in the pre-seed phase with high growth potential and in specific markets, but it is still necessary to already be established.

Is it necessary to work together during the collaboration or is your service automated?

During the process it is essential to collaborate, above all thanks to the numerous internal and external feedbacks that we will make available.

Do we need to have a lot of team resources to be able to collaborate?

No, one referent is enough. It should be remembered that we only select startups whose team is fully operational and ready to overcome many challenges with us.

For Students

Does Magnet Capital have an ideal candidate?

We do not have ideal candidates, however three main requirements are considered indispensable: willingness to develop hard and soft skills in a dynamic and proactive environment; ability to develop a network with mentors and peers; predisposition to make use of the benefits provided.

Where does Magnet Capital's business take place?

Being it an international and inter-university project, all activities are carried out remotely.

Is Magnet Capital compatible with studying or other experiences?

Yes, Magnet Capital is designed to follow the rhythms to which each student is subjected and therefore it is perfectly compatible with any other activity.

How much effort is required in magnet capital?

L’impegno richiesto dalle attività in Magnet Capital si aggira in media tra le 8 e le 10 ore settimanali, da distribuire autonomamente e comunque sempre rapportate agli obiettivi che il proprio team deve portare a termine.

How long does the collaboration with Magnet Capital last?

Although there is no predefined duration of the collaboration relationship, we at Magnet Capital prefer to reserve the available roles for people intending to embark on a path of growth and realization lasting at least 6 months.

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